Sunday, 16 March 2014

Sam's 67 1500 pt.17 - Bedding in jobs and Carb Tuning

On the first run out to settle things in one of the front discs was found to be warped and one of the rear drums got real hot!
We fitted a new pair of discs and readjusted the rear shoes...while the wheels were off we put some wheel studs in to make it easier getting them back on, too. Finally we made up a carpet to tidy the under bonnet area, so it looks good when we're filling up.
It was then over to Clive at Autotronics in Laughton to get the Carbs etc. set up on his rolling road. The difference this has made is amazing, easier starting and smother running. The printout of the run was also a major surprise. We recorded a max. power of 74bhp at 4600 and 92mph!
No wonder it feels nippy!

we 're really pleased with the dash, but all i can see is 
SpongeBob Squarepants!