Sunday, 2 March 2014

Sam's 67 1500 pt.9 - Glass and Interior

The glass can go back in now the roof lining is in. We needed a new screen because the original toughened one shattered when we took it out. A new laminated one was installed by our friendly windscreen man and he put all the other bits in while he was here. Bonus!
We did the door builds, new winder mechanisms seals and door cards. The black door kit was a bundle offer from Machine 7, 4 cards, sun visers and handbrake boot plus all the fittings and made the job a doddle.
Black carpet set supplied by Harrisons was another straight forward job, making the interior even darker!
Finally the back seat was installed having been recovered in vinyl to to mach the back of the 911 seats and stitched to match, too. Refit the front seats and its taken a big leap forward!