Thursday, 6 December 2012

German Turbo Bus!

Stephan's Bus is a work of art!
It has just been on the cover of Air Mighty
Thats certainly gona give the wishbones a workout!

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Manflowers Crew Bus cool new graphics

So cool!
This one is on an EZ Rider Coilover Conversion and Lowered Spring Plates

Dubfreeze 2 Show Winner!

Barry's Bus took home the top award and rightly so.
Another award winner with our Wishbone Front End!

Dorset to Sheffield for a fitting!

David's Bus is a real nice ride, even better now its on a wishbone front. Great work and well thought out and finished.

Volksworld Feature Car visits

Turns out to be a local car and made a visit to the last Tea Break!
Its like a time warp.

Another Wishbone Kit fitted

Monday, 8 October 2012

...and The Beast runs!

Finally bit the bullet and put the wiring in!
Again the loom was modified by Richard at RJES and it went straight in, routed to be as neat as possible, then connected up the 4 wires as labelled....oil light, alt light, ignition and fuel pump.

Then "Fire up the Quattro!"

It fired first time and settled to a tick over straight away, unbelievable!

We took the Bus to Busfest for a shake down. Richard kindly gave it the once over and gave me a couple of tidying up jobs.

This weekend we went to Brighton Breeze. 460 miles and not a hitch.

This is the best thing I have ever done to my Bus!
It’s easier to drive, smoother and has a proper heater.
We bought all the conversion parts from Richard at RJES and everything we had was top quality and fit perfectly. It certainly made the job a whole lot easier.

It’s taken us most of the year to find the time to do it, but I reckon we have less than 2 weeks work in it!
It’s not difficult to do so, if you have been holding back from doing this I would suggest you get your finger out and DO IT!

Front Gets 4 Pots too!


Rear Disc Brakes for Bay Window

As part of the Subaru engine install we said we would develope our own Rear Disc Brake Kit for The Bay Window.
We used the same disc and caliper as used on the Split Screen Rear Wishbone Kit. The disc is mounted to the original Drive flange from the rear hub and the caliper mounted on a new bracket attached to the original backplate in some new cables similar to the Split Screen Kit and a pair of Braided Hoses and Bingo! Why did it take so long to get round to doing it!

The pictures below will be in the Instructions!

New Beetle Sump

Caught the bottom of the sump in Morrisons car park!

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Subaru install shots

 Engine is in, intake sorted, hoses fitted....oil and water has gone in too! Now where is that wiring loom.

 RJES Exhaust is a work of art!

Underside shows the radiator installed too. Still needs the air scoop back on though.

356 Coupe gets Wishbone Front and Coilover/Uniball Rear setup

This must be the nicest 356 we have seen....and we have done a few now!
Full front and Rear treatment....and off to be featured in a Porsche magazine!

Subaru Sump

How about this nifty arrangement.
While the engine was in we worked out how much the sump needed to be clearanced.
We modified the stock sump by taking the volumn from where the oil drain is and adding it to the front where there is usually a large slope. The capacity is the same as stock and the dipstick works to the standard level too. We reduced the depth of the pickup, of course!

Still doing proper work too!

We just did this front wishbone kit with silver 4 pot calipers, well smart!

Engine in and Tank fitted

We have put the engine in so that the cross member can be positioned and welded.

Then taken out so that the tank could be installed. It sits on high density foam.
Told you it filled the hole!

Ali Fuel Tank

Here's our new fuel tank. We have made one as big as possible that will go through the hole!
It holds 70 litres, pickup in the bottom and cut for the stock fuel sender as standard and a return in the front face for the fuel injection.

Monday, 23 July 2012

No Tea Break this weekend!

We are attending our local Club organised event, so will not be available at the workshop.

Check out
Dub Odyssey 2012

and come along to see us there instead!

Monday, 28 May 2012

Some Pictures taken at the Birthday Bash Tea Break

Firstly I would like to thank everyone who came. Another great turnout and a super day.

Matt's Beetle gets lower every time we see it!


New and old mixed together, thats what Volkswagens are all about ...and a cheeky Audi!

 Ian dropped in early with his 356...and came back later in his flamed Split!

Everyone got a Beer and abun to take home, we don't want to encourage drink driving!
Thanks go to Tracey for the buns!