Thursday, 20 March 2014

More Export...we're doing our bit!

This week we had a big shipment ready to go to Australia!
an impressive sight on the workshop floor.
There's 3 Rear Kits and 6 Fronts, so if you have been waiting they should be with you soon!

Beetle Wishbone Kits

Here's a batch of Beetle Wishbone Kits we sent to of which is headed for Paul's Ghia project.

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Sam's 67 1500 pt.18 - Photo shoot!

Been out in while its sunny and before it gets too dirty to get some arty shots. Enjoy!

Sam's 67 1500 pt.17 - Bedding in jobs and Carb Tuning

On the first run out to settle things in one of the front discs was found to be warped and one of the rear drums got real hot!
We fitted a new pair of discs and readjusted the rear shoes...while the wheels were off we put some wheel studs in to make it easier getting them back on, too. Finally we made up a carpet to tidy the under bonnet area, so it looks good when we're filling up.
It was then over to Clive at Autotronics in Laughton to get the Carbs etc. set up on his rolling road. The difference this has made is amazing, easier starting and smother running. The printout of the run was also a major surprise. We recorded a max. power of 74bhp at 4600 and 92mph!
No wonder it feels nippy!

we 're really pleased with the dash, but all i can see is 
SpongeBob Squarepants!

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Sam's 67 1500 pt.16 - MOT Day

Stopped at the garage to put some fuel in on the way to the MOT. Why do cars look so good under the forecourt lights?
A couple of shots on the MOT ramp, Then back at work, Passed and ready to roll!

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Sam's 67 1500 pt.15 - Number Plates, Lights and Finish Wiring

We have had a set of Classic Plates made by Jepson's in Sheffield, these are quality items rather than the pressed ali type. Check out
The front indicators and headlights are wired up and working. Last job is to connect all the sender wires to the gauge control box and power them up. Again great instructions made this a straight forward job.
That's seems to be all the jobs completed so we are ready for an MOT.

Friday, 7 March 2014

Sam's 67 1500 pt.14 - Nice Bumpers!

The car always had towel rail bumpers from new! When it came back to us they had been rechromed, bonus!
They have been in the roof of the garage and all they needed were a good going over with autosol before bolting back up.

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Sam's 67 1500 pt.13 - Front Lights and Running Boards

The Front indicators were refitted, again the housings and glass were OK, but the bulb holders were renewed. Wires connected and checked for working order.
Next job was headlights, after a false start with the old units and a couple of broken glasses we again went for complete new units...and are we glad we did. Much brighter now.

With the wings done yesterday the running boards are the next step! German Quality ones fit straight in again.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Sam's 67 1500 pt.12 - Wiring & Lights

More work on the wiring, the box mounted in the centre is the control for the gauges. Engine wiring completed we had it turning over, but no petrol yet.
Rear Lights refitted, original housings and glass but new bulb holders used...with the switch wires connected we have them working, too!

Sam's 67 1500 pt.11 - Wings fitted

Time to fit the Day Mouldings wings we mentioned earlier. Painted by Lee at Manflowers Restorations they are all ready to go.
The mounting holes all lined up apart from one, but that's probably my welding of the mounting nut being wrong rather a problem with the wings. The rubber piping was cut an installed and they were on in a couple of hours...what a difference they make. It looks like a car now!

Monday, 3 March 2014

Sam's 67 1500 pt.10 - Some shiney bits!

Only a few smaller bits added here. MCJ supplied the knobs and excellent grab handle, the fit of the handle is perfect! The other notable piece is the Mamba Gear Shifter from Vintage Speed. Another simple bolt in part an a thing of absolute beauty!

Check out

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Sam's 67 1500 pt.9 - Glass and Interior

The glass can go back in now the roof lining is in. We needed a new screen because the original toughened one shattered when we took it out. A new laminated one was installed by our friendly windscreen man and he put all the other bits in while he was here. Bonus!
We did the door builds, new winder mechanisms seals and door cards. The black door kit was a bundle offer from Machine 7, 4 cards, sun visers and handbrake boot plus all the fittings and made the job a doddle.
Black carpet set supplied by Harrisons was another straight forward job, making the interior even darker!
Finally the back seat was installed having been recovered in vinyl to to mach the back of the 911 seats and stitched to match, too. Refit the front seats and its taken a big leap forward!