Monday, 11 January 2016

Autumn 2015 Catch up - John's Split Bus 'Shelley Anne' gets a shiny under carriage!

John's Bus has already won many trophies as you could guess from the finish.
Now he will be able to polish the under carriage to his hearts content!

Sunday, 3 January 2016

Autumn 2015 Catch up - New Hinges for Michael's Porsche 719 Spyder

After the Classic Show Michael's Spyder came straight to us so we could develope some proper hinges as the doors hardly open with those supplied in the kit!
We also gave it a full geometry setup before we delivered it back to him!

Autumn 2015 Catch up - Classic and Kit Car Show, Shepton Mallet

The first weekend in November we were invited to Show The Madison on te Complete Kit Car Magazine stand. Following the features in the June and July magazines. We camped in the Buses and had really great weekend. We also convoyed down with Michael and his stunning Porsche 719 spyder that was on teh Speedster and Spyder Club Stand so there were 2 cars with the Red 9 Wishbones on display.

Autumn 2015 Catch up - Next Job, Mark's 67 gets Wishbone Front Kit.

This is a really solid 67 getting a front Wishbone Kit before going for a paint job.

Autumn 2015 Catch up - Super Bay gets a front Wishbone Kit

This has the Wishbone Front Kit fitted on the highest hole adjustment.
As you can see there is plenty of clearance for 'sensible' use.

Autumn 2015 Catch up - Steve gets his Bus back from the paint shop.

The long awaited arrival of the prodigal son! We have missed it.

Autumn 2015 Catch up - Phil's lovely cab.

One of our local guys popped in to get his Cabrio tracked now it is finished.
Another quality job by Phil.

Autumn 2015 Catch up - Out In The Madison

The last weekend of September was preety dry so I treat myself to a good run out in The Madison.
Collected some Hoses for a Job on Saturday and had a run out to Cadwell Park on Sunday.