Thursday, 9 August 2012

Subaru install shots

 Engine is in, intake sorted, hoses fitted....oil and water has gone in too! Now where is that wiring loom.

 RJES Exhaust is a work of art!

Underside shows the radiator installed too. Still needs the air scoop back on though.

356 Coupe gets Wishbone Front and Coilover/Uniball Rear setup

This must be the nicest 356 we have seen....and we have done a few now!
Full front and Rear treatment....and off to be featured in a Porsche magazine!

Subaru Sump

How about this nifty arrangement.
While the engine was in we worked out how much the sump needed to be clearanced.
We modified the stock sump by taking the volumn from where the oil drain is and adding it to the front where there is usually a large slope. The capacity is the same as stock and the dipstick works to the standard level too. We reduced the depth of the pickup, of course!

Still doing proper work too!

We just did this front wishbone kit with silver 4 pot calipers, well smart!

Engine in and Tank fitted

We have put the engine in so that the cross member can be positioned and welded.

Then taken out so that the tank could be installed. It sits on high density foam.
Told you it filled the hole!

Ali Fuel Tank

Here's our new fuel tank. We have made one as big as possible that will go through the hole!
It holds 70 litres, pickup in the bottom and cut for the stock fuel sender as standard and a return in the front face for the fuel injection.