Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Flamin' 'eck!

Here is another local Bus. We do have some talent around here!
Ian's Bus runs a wishbone front, Golf Diesel engine and cable shifted Bus Box. He doesn't like an easy life! Another amazing piece of machinery!

How Low do you need to go!

Steve's Bus came in already low. It just needed some ride quality from a front wishbone setup...Job Done.
If you need to know this is not a the lowest setting. It will go down another 1" !

Here's One We Did Earlier...sort of!

We supplied Peter's kit about 18 months ago...when we delivered it there was a lot of work to do.
He has gone the Subaru route, but used the Subaru gearbox too, with conversion parts from Australia. He insisted I had a drive...what an amazing piece of machinery! It really spured me on to grt mine done...we are supplying a lot of wishbone fronts for people doing Subaru Conversions.

Another Westy Gets Wishbone Front End.

Mr. Brown spolit his Westy with a new front end and read Spring plates (3" drop). Nice Bus and agreat Stance!

The Old Lump comes out!

A common site for all of us...the aircooled engine is actually out now. No turning back!
It went straight home to go back into Sam's 67 Beetle...That is due back on the road this year, too!

Monday, 5 March 2012

The Crewcab got some side windows this weekend.
What a difference...its like driving a greenhouse!

Thanks to Lee at Manflowers for the fitting.

Intergalactic Custom Shop - Macmillan Coffee Morning

Here are a couple of shots of Waynes drag bus taken at the Fund raising Coffee morning.
What an amazing piece of machinery!

Great support for a worthy cause...well done folks!