Sunday, 29 April 2012

Subaru Exhaust Bracket

Here we have the RJES exhaust bracket in possition.
What an amazing piece of machinery!

Subaru spruce up!

Ooh, That looks nice!
New plugs and leads and a bit of sprucing up of the brackets and pulleys makes quite a difference.
We are going for suttle understated looks.

Subaru Exhaust Mount

Here we have fitted the mounting bolts for the RJES exhaust bracket.
The cover was marked out from the mounting holes, thn a small pilot hole drilled to check alignment. This was then opened out with a big drill!

Subaru Service

Our 2.0 Subaru motor gets a Service before going in. New cam belt and water pump, just to be sure.

Tea Break shots

 Lots for Steve to keep his eye on at this weekends 'Tea Break'.
Some of the lads check out his wishbone front, while down the back Matt's doing an emergancy oil sump repair!
The 'Old Beetle' still looks good.

Subaru Bellhousing installed

The Bellhousing has been installed and hung from the top mounting.
Clutch arm is in and thrust bearing installed, too. Note here you need the later, large clutch arm (20mm one) from the Late Bay/T25.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

It's getting busy in here!

If you currently have a kit on order, it could be in amongst this lot! There are 7 Bus Fronts in the shop at the moment. The box has 5 kits that are on the way to our Australian Distributor - Das Resto Haus.

Gearbox Mount Modification

Because we have the later style box, we have to use the top mount from RJES.
Will be cutting the back face away to allow the RH side mount rubber to be moved away from the starter motor solenoid.

Here it is, installed! We are in danger of making some progress!

Lee's superb ride gets the wishbone treatment

Get me to the Church on time!
Another fitting done at 'the factory'